Your technological development partner covering wide range of areas and expertise

Aviation and space

  • Drones for farming and logistics

  • Soil, crops and environment monitoring using space data

Manufacturing and Materials

  • IoT, sensors and instrumentation of manufacturing processes

  • Digital analytics, process monitoring and digital twin of manufacturing lines

  • Advanced functional sustainable materials design

Environment and Sustainability

  • Circular processes simulation and design

  • Lifecycle assessment and end of life planning

  • Emissions modelling in logistics and supply chains

  • Biodiversity assessment and modelling

  • Renewable energy solutions for consumer applications (batteries, PVs, and small wind turbines)

Digital and Automation technologies

  • Signal Processing and statistical modelling

  • Data analytics, AI, machine learning and digital twins

  • Automatic decision making software and actuators design

Product design Modelling and Prototyping

  • Product conceptual industrial design

  • Product details design, customization and personalized design

  • Modelling, simulation and performance analysis

  • Prototyping and Additive manufacturing


  • Intelligent digital human wellbeing solutions

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